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Les démoniaques 1974
Original title:  Les démoniaques
Year:  1974
Running time:  1h 17min
Country: France , Belgium
Director:  Jean Rollin
Genres: Horror
Stars: Joëlle Coeur, John Rico, Willy Braque, Paul Bisciglia, Lieva Lone, Patricia Hermenier, Louise Dhour, Ben Zimet, Mireille Dargent, Miletic Zivomir, Isabelle Copejans, Yves Collignon, Véronique Fanis, Monica Swinn, Jacqueline Priest,
Le Capitaine, le Bosco and two other sailors are dangerous ship wreckers. This time, they have done even worse mischief than usual, for not content to have lured a ship into coastal rocks and plundered it, they have also brutally raped and left for dead the two girls who have survived the wreck. But helped by a mysterious clown, by an exorcist on the beach and by... Satan himself, the two virgins turned she-devils will ruthlessly exact their terrible vengeance.


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